The Dissertation Research Process...

can be a timely, costly, and challenging endevor. Have experts that have completed this process succussfuly with award winning research coach, direct, and assist you. We will help you understand the content and politics of the process.

Company Information was created as a spin off of another larger consulting company that was comprised of academics that serve as consultants in business and industry and in the academy to support research activities. It was from this perspective we identified the need for an organization that focussed on consulting with doctoral students and dissertation research. Doctoral students have unique needs often including the desire to learn how to defend and present their research. With this in mind we seek to educate our clients along the journal.

Our Values
We support the dissertation process in an ethical manner that will prepare to conduct research, present your findings, and help you develop.
Our cost vary on project. However you will be working with professionals that have sucessfully completed the process from top research universities. Our coaches have taught at at top universities.
Award Winning
The consultants & coaches have awards such as dissertation of the year, outstanding scholars, and best papers. Additionally, they serve in editor positions, and editoral board positions for national and international journals. Ask for more details.
Global Reach
We will help you with our large network of professionals. If we are unable to help we will let you know upfront.
Please see our different services available. We are currently taking new clients in coaching slots. Time to time these fill up and we only then offer ad hoc services. We are available via phone, at your location or at ours.
Our Commitment
We want you to get done with your dissertation or other research. It is our committement to provide you timely feedback to help you finsih the process. We will serve as your mentor, coach, helper. Please remember it is our Motto "FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS STAY ABD".

Past clients


"I can see the value of the whole experience...your suggestions made the study stonger"

"I would like to thank you for all of the emergency email and phone calls you answered in assisting me with research questions or problems"

"Thank you for your research ideas and for
pushing me to finish"

"Thanks for all the help you gave me regarding this and other studies."

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