The Dissertation Research Process...

can be a timely, costly, and challenging endevor. Have experts that have completed this process succussfuly with award winning research coach, direct, and assist you. We will help you understand the content and politics of the process.

Our Products

In addition to selling surveys that we have completed, we will create and validate surveys. Additionally, we can help you negoiate reduced prices for a number of other surveys we sell with a community of partners. Additionally, we offer services to provide survey research data collection and will give you the data in an format that can go into SPSS or SAS. Please inquire for more information.
Dissertation Outlines
This outline provides an overview of each section of your dissertation and provides and example of each section. If you feel like you are sinking let this be your jump start.
Training Sessions and Online Classes
We offer specfic training sessions and online courses on a variety topics on dissertations. These sessions include selecting topics, conducting reviews of literature, politics of higher education, quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as others.. These session are offered in a virtual environment. From time to time we will offer a free lunch and learn sessions. Check back...



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Past clients


"I can see the value of the whole experience...your suggestions made the study stonger"

"I would like to thank you for all of the emergency email and phone calls you answered in assisting me with research questions or problems"

"Thank you for your research ideas and for
pushing me to finish"

"Thanks for all the help you gave me regarding this and other studies."

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