The Dissertation Research Process...

can be a timely, costly, and challenging endevor. Have experts that have completed this process succussfuly with award winning research coach, direct, and assist you. We will help you understand the content and politics of the process.

Services to provide support

We provide services from initial conceptual development of topics to dissemtion of competed dissertations into journal articles.

Our consulting services take place online and face-to-face. We specfically can help you with any part of the dissertation process. Our experts can provide support and coaching for proposal development, reviewing literature, research design and methods, data collection (web surveys, interviews, and document collection) quantiative and qualitative data analysis, report findings, light to heavy editing inclduing tables and graphics, defense preparation (including development of presentations, virtual practice defenses, and possible questions), and consultation in writing problem statements, research questions, literature review, methods, and findings, and discussions & conclusions.

Proposal Development
The proposal development can be challenging. We will help coach and guide you through this process in a timely manner.
Research Designs and Methods
Research designs are very critical to the outcome of study. We work with quantiative and qualitative designs.
Data Collection
Collecting valid and reliable data is critical. We provide a vareity of services with tradtional and web based surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other data collection methods.
Data Analysis
It is our goal to ensure your data analysis is done in a high quality manner. Our experts specialize in qualitative and quantitative designs. We can provide expertise in a vareity of mulitvriate techniques including be not limited to mulitple regression, factor analysis, structural equation modeling, as well as many more. Our consultants use SAS, SPSS, AMOS, Stata and others..
Defense Preparation
Being prepare to present your research is critical. We offer practice sessions, coaching, and a high quality virutal defense practice to similuate a real defense.
Critical Editing
We offer a vareity of levels of editing from light to heavy. We will provide critical feedback as if your research was being submitted to a journal or committee. The costs of these services vary.
Live Consulting
Consulting is provided via email, phone calls, virtual meetings, and even in some cases face-to-face. Prices vary based a variety of factors. Please contact us for a quote.

Past clients


"I can see the value of the whole experience...your suggestions made the study stonger"

"I would like to thank you for all of the emergency email and phone calls you answered in assisting me with research questions or problems"

"Thank you for your research ideas and for
pushing me to finish"

"Thanks for all the help you gave me regarding this and other studies."

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